Double Happiness Tempeh Oats Porridge (vegan)

Elizabeth Chong Sin Tzun

For 1 serving

- 1 medium size tomato, diced  
- 3 tablespoons goji berry  
- 6 tablespoons Quaker instant oats  
- 50g Tempeh, cut into strip (crispy texture)  
- pepper (depends on taste)
- sesame oil (depends on taste)
- 400ml water


1. Add Goji berry, diced tomato, oats in a microwavable-safe bowl.  

2. Add 400ml water into the bowl, make sure it covers the ingredients.  

3. Cover the bowl with a lid and cook oats in microwave for 5 minutes.  

4. Separately, air fry tempeh for 10 minutes, 180 degree Celsius. Alternatively, you may cook tempeh together with oats in the bowl.  

5. When oats is ready, take out. Top it with tempeh, pepper and some sesame oil before serve.  

- This recipe is called 'Double Happiness' as the 2 important ingredients are used (tomato and goji berry) are red, they are rich in antioxidants and rich in flavors.  

- It is suitable for someone with busy schedule as this 1 dish meal consist of carbohydrate (oats), protein (tempeh) and vegetables (tomato) which is a good choice for balanced diet.  

- This recipe is low in fat which targets someone who wish to control blood cholesterol level and together with oats (well-known of cholesterol lowering foods), it optimises the health benefits.

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