Inside-out (oats) Banana Ball

Elizabeth Chong Sin Tzun

- 6 tablespoons quaker instant oats  
- 1 tablespoon quaker rolled oats
- 2 pieces medium size banana  
- 1 teaspoon margarine


1. In a bowl, mash banana into puree texture.  

2. Add 6 tablespoons quaker instant oats, mix with pureed banana.  

3. Lay aluminium foil in air-fryer. Put thin spread of margarine on the aluminium foil to prevent the ball stick on the aluminium foil.  

4. Shape the mixture into ball.  

5. Coat the ball with quaker rolled oats before put it into air-fryer.  

6. Air-fry the balls 20 minutes with 180 degree Celsius (using baking option on your air-fryer). Adjust the timing based on your air-fryer.  

- This recipe is suitable to be consumed as snacks or as breakfast. The name is called inside-out (oats) banana balls as you can taste the oats inside and outside the balls, combination of instant and rolled oats as they provide different texture. It is a healthier alternative to fried banana fritters.  

- It is fat free, sugar free and free from processed foods, the sweetness naturally comes from banana and oats, suitable for people with diabetes compared to other sugary snacks.

- It is a better snack option if you are looking for a high fibre foods as oats and banana are good source of fibre.  

- Overall, it is a healthy, simple and low cost recipe as only 3 ingredients are used.

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