Oat and Almond Milk Latte

Elena Chan

- 1 cup Quaker quick cook oatmeal
- ½ cup raw almonds
- 800ml water
- 1 teaspoon brown sugar
- 1 espresso shot
- 100ml low fat or light cream (Optional)


1. Put the raw almonds and water into a blender and blend at the highest speed setting until creamy, around 1 minute

2. Add the oatmeal and continue to blend for 1 more minute

3. Strain the mixture in a nut milk bag

4. Add the brown sugar to the milk and gently heat on the stovetop until warm

5. Pour into a small cup and add the espresso shot

6. Whip the low fat cream with a whisk until a velvety texture is achieved and add a thin layer of whipped cream on top (optional)

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