Oatly Har Cheong Gai

Chef Lee R

- 1kg chicken wings, washed 6 times and cleaned of all blood
- Sesame oil 50ml
- 100g HK brand Har Cheong paste
- 100g Singlong brand belachan  
- White pepper to taste
- 5 spice powder to taste
- Plain flour + rice flour + corn flour 500g
- 50g Quaker Oats


1. Make a paste-like batter with the sesame oil, har cheong, pepper, belachan, and 5spice powder with some warm water.

2. Coat and marinate the chicken with this batter in a bowl, cover it and put it in the fridge for at least 24hrs.

3. When ready to fry the chicken, pour half of the flour mixture into the har cheong batter with some more water to get a paste-like batter that is neither too runny or too thick.

4. Add Quaker oats in the remaining flour mixture and mix well. This will be for powering.

5. Have a wok of hot oil at approximately 120-140°C ready.

6. Take each batter-coated chicken wing and powder it in the flat-four mixture and fry in the hot oil for approximately 7mins or until evenly cooked and golden brown. Serve.

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