Oatmealious Platter With Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

Lim Swee Chin

- Quaker Oats - 2 cups  
- Tempeh - 2 slices  
- Firm beancurd - 2 slices  
- Vegetarian Sliced cheese - 1 slice  
- Chilli, lemon grass, vegetarian ketchup, thyme  
- Mozzarella cheese - 1 cup  
- Plain yoghurt - 1cup
- Strawberries- 6, a handful  
- Cherry tomatoes - 1 pc
- Brussels spout - a handful  
- Salted vinegar chips - 2slices  
- Olive oil
- Pink Sea salt  
- Grounded Black pepper


1. Cut the beancurd and tempeh into strips.

2. Mix Quaker Oats with some olive oil and sea salt and chopped lemongrass and thyme. Roast the blend at 180degC for ~15mins until golden brown.  

3. Blend thyme, lemon grass, chilli, ketchup, yoghurt into homogeneous blend.  

4. Dip beancurd and tempeh strips with blended sauce from step 3.  

5. Coat each dipped beancurd and tempeh strip with roasted oat mix from step 2.  

6. Skewer the halves tomatoes and oat coated tempeh, placed on baking tray.  

7. Layer the coated beancurd with sliced cheese and finally mozzarella cheese. Place beancurd with cheese on baking tray.  

8. Place baking tray into oven and bake at 180degC for 20mins until mozzarella cheese turned golden brown.  

9. While baking in progress, make the wholesome strawberry smoothie: blend strawberries. Pour strawberries blend in glass for first layer.  

10. Make 1/2 cup of oats with hot water. Blend it with 2 strawberries. Pour into glass for 2nd layer of drink. Garnish drink with slices strawberries.  

11. Sauté halved Brussels spouts with olive oil, pink sea salt and grounded black pepper.  

12. Plate and Serve while hot, with wholesome smoothie!  

Enjoy 😉

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