Quaker Oats Prawns

Serene Neo

Quaker Oats Prawns (2-3 pax)  
- Quaker Oats 50g
- Prawn 250g (deveined)
- Garlic 2 cloves (minced)
- Curry leaves (2 stalks)  
- Chilli 2 (remove seeds n cut thinly)  
- Skimmed milk powder  1 tbsp
- Brown sugar 1.5 tbsp
- Corn flour 2 tsp  
- Salt 1/2tsp  
- White pepper 1/2 tsp  
- Salted butter 10g  
- Cooking Oil 1 tbsp


1) In the plate, marinate prawns with salt n corn flour for 15 mins n set aside.

2) In the pan, heat up oil n fry the prawns till cooked, set aside.

3) In the same pan, wipe the excess oil n add in butter n sauté garlic till fragrant.

4) Add in chilli n curry leaves, fry till aromatic. Lower heat n stir in Quaker Oats n skimmed milk powder till Oats become crispy.

5) Next, add in brown sugar n white pepper, mix well. Stir in prawns n give a good mix.

6) Serve hot n enjoy 😊

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