Steam trio egg custard with Quaker Oat

Irene Ng

- 4 medium eggs
- 2 century eggs
- 2 salted eggs
- 4 Tbsp of instant Quaker oat
- 500ml warm water  
- 1 Tbsp sesame oil  
- 1 Tbsp soya sauce  

Note :  You can choose to use chicken stock to replace with water and seasoning


1. Beat the eggs and add in soya sauce and sesame oil

2. Add in warm water into the beaten eggs

3. Sieve the egg mixture  

4. Grind the Quaker oat into fine texture

5. Add the grind Quaker oat into the egg mixture and lightly stir it  

6. Cut the century egg and salted egg into 8 wedges  

7. Arrange them nicely into a serving bowl  

8. Pour in the egg mixture  

9. Steam it for 3 mins on strong fire  

10. Reduce to low fire for another 10 mins  

11. Serve hot  

Tips to ensure a smooth and silky textured steamed egg :  
- use warm water or warm chicken stock
- Sieve egg mixture  
- Reduce the fire to low after the 3 mins on strong fire  

Hard to say no to such a simple and delicious 😋 dish, suitable for young and old!

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