Strawberry Ganache and Granola Filled Mochi

Tan Boon Kann

*For the mochi dough:
- 60g glutinous rice flour + 1 tbsp for coating
- 15g corn flour
- 15g sugar
- 90g water
- 3g-5g strawberry powder (depending on flavour and colour intensity of your powder)
- 6g oil (natural flavour)  

*For the granola mixture:
- 1/2 cup instant or roll oat - (roasted)
- 1/4 cup roasted dried nuts (walnut, pumpkin seeds, black sesame) - roughly chopped
- 1/4 cup dried fruits (cranberries, apricot) -roughly chopped
- Some chocolate chips or shaved dark chocolate
- 1 tbsp peanut butter
- 1/2 tbsp honey  

*For the strawberry ganache:
- 60ml double cream
- 30g white chocolate
- 4 medium size strawberry  

Peanut butter and honey are used in the granola ingredients as binding agents. If you do take peanut butter, replace it with coconut oil. Dried nuts and dried fruits are of your preference.  When mixing in the strawberry powder into the dough mixture, do it in small batches to test the colour intensity of your powder.


1. Mix all the granola ingredients together and lightly shaped them into small balls using small round scoop. Put in refrigerator to set.  

2. Next, blend the strawberry to puree and add to the double cream and mix well. Warm the cream till slight bubbles form at the edge. Off the fire and strain the cream, lightly press the puree to the strainer while straining to get the puree to the cream as much as possible.  

3. Pour the warm cream to the white chocolate, mix till all chocolate are dissolved. The ganache is ready.  

4. Coat the granola balls with the strawberry ganache and let chill in fridge till set (about 1-2 hours)  

5. Next prepare the mochi dough. Mix all the dough ingredients together till well combined. Coat a steaming bowl with light layer of oil, pour in the dough mixture and steam for 15-20 minutes till cooked.  

6. While the dough is steaming. On a pan, dry-fry 1 tbsp of glutinous rice flour for about 1 minutes or till cooked (when the flour feel light and airy).  

7. When the dough is done steaming. Coat your work top with the cooked flour, and transfer the dough over. Coat the dough and your hand generously with the cooked flour as it will be sticky.  

8. Take a small portion of the dough, flatten to a round size thinly and wrap the granola balls, coating with the cooked flour to help in the shaping process. Repeat till all granola balls are wrapped.  

9. Brush off any excess flour and the mochi is ready to serve.

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